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We all  have a personal path which God has orchestrated for us to follow.  It is up to us to read His word, so we can receive His guidance and earn our path.  My journey led me on a path that started September 11, 2001.   The tears started flowing from my eyes when I saw the Twin Towers fall and in my heart I knew I needed to get closer to God.

God works in wondrous ways.  He decided that He would contact me through numbers.  These amazing appearances started with me noticing the numbers 333 on the timer of my treadmill, microwave, clocks, and driver’s license plates, etc.  I would also wake up in the early morning, with 333 showing on my alarm clock.

I never really thought too much of it until I was seeing 333 all the time.  To tell you the truth, in the beginning I was quite frightened by this.  I thought that something terrible was going to happen to me on 03-03-2003, but nothing did; I just continued to see 333.   My sister asked me to join Curves with her but I was hesitant.  I was working out at home and didn’t think that I needed to venture out.  She asked me again, and I said, “What can it hurt.”  As we were leaving curves my very 1st day my eyes fixed (directly in front of me) on a license plate that said 333.  I instantly knew in my heart that God wanted me to be there.   later I found out that the vehicle belonged to someone who worked in the complex, I was blessed 3 days a week to see my 333 continually.  Curves was a very intricate part of my weight bearing exercise in helping to heal my osteoporosis..

This encounter with 333 (my personal wink from God) has truly been a blessing to help me heal.

My sister Lesle and I traveled from Washington State to Denver, Colorado for my cousin’s wedding and also to visit our Uncle Mike.  During our visit with Uncle Mike, he told us how he just developed stage 2 diabetes and was maintaining it by just diet.  Uncle Mike has always been a potato and meat lover but now knew that he had to make better choices with his eating habits to help control his diabetes.  We told him that when we were in Mexico the Mexican people ate Nopal Cactus, which has proven to be an aid for controlling diabetes, and because of that they manufactured an all natural Nopal Cactus pill.  After our visit with Uncle Mike we were actually going down to Arizona to visit some friends and told him that we would make it a point to cross the border to a pharmacy in Mexico (that we used to frequent when we spend 3 winters there) and pick up some Nopal Cactus pills for him.  He was very excited about that.

Throughout our travels across the states to Denver, Lesle was driving and I was doing my best to navigate looking on the map and trying to pin point anything saying 333 or exits off the road saying 333, and did not see anything.  I continued looking on our way to Tucson, AZ, but still didn’t encounter any.  I was very focused and aware of everything around me so as not to miss a thing.

We had a nice visit with out friends in Tucson, and were getting ready to leave for Puerto Penasco, Mexico when our friend TC decided he wanted to venture with us, and we welcomed the company.  For some reason it seemed like the 4 hour drive lasted only minutes.  Before I knew it we were walking into the pharmacy.  It was a slow day, not many people in the store, and we were the only customers in the Pharmacy line.

We told the Pharmacist that we just came down from Tucson, AZ and that we would like some of his best Nopal Castus pills.

As he went to get the pills, his pharmacy assistant came up to us saying she heard that we came from Arizona and asked if we had gone to see the Virgin Mary Shrine in Sierra Vista, AZ, (this is a town where there were sightings of the Virgin Mary in the sky).    She handed us a brochure, and when we looked at it, there was this picture of a beautiful little church, with a Monastery and a shrine of the Virgin Mary that was located off of Exit 333 and of course, I started crying such joyful tears.

My sister, Lesle, was in complete awe.   TC briefly heard my story on the drive down, so he was totally bewildered.

Another added treat was that TC knew exactly where to go in Sierra Vista because he has a friend he visits there quite often.   Again, God works in wondrous ways.

We got Uncle Mike’s Nopal Cactas pills, got back in our car, and drove the whole way back talking about how amazing this all was and how happy we were that it was still early so we could make it ot Sierra Vista by mid-afternoon.

With all of my travels down to Tucson, AZ, I have never thought of it, or any of the surrounding areas as very attractive; there is no color, and my eyes need color.   Although, in stark contrast, it was a sight for sore eyes when we drove up to this quaint colorful monastery with a little church and by its side a huge (bigger that life) statue of the Virgin Mary.  It was quite breath taking.

We weren’t prepared for the hike that was in store for us though; we had at least 100 or more steps to climb to reach the monastery and Church, but I was so mesmerized by all this that the steps didn’t even phase me.  I just kind of floated to the top with ease.

When we reached the top, there were other tourists standing around talking, and near the entrance to the church there was a priest standing by himself.  I knew that it was my invitation to go and talk with him.  I went up and introduced myself and told him briefly about what brought me to his church and right away he told me that God likes to work in numbers and by showing me 333 He is telling me that He wants me to get closer to Him.

Again, my eyes filled with joyful tears knowing that God was trying to get my attention.   He proceeded to tell me that in the Bible 333 means the Trinity:  The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost.

I felt so special and blessed at that moment, knowing that God wanted ot get to know me.  The Priest asked us to stay for the service and we did.  During the service I was compelled to go up to the alter to be blessed, and the Priest put his hands on my head and prayed for me.

I felt like a ton of bricks were being lifted from my chest, and such a comforting feeling overcame me knowing that my 333 is a personalized wink from God, reminding me that He loves me and will always be there for me.

The trip back to Tucson was quite majestic, not much conversation between us though.  We were all too busy, separately, digesting it all.

We ended up spending the night in Tucson and then ventured back to Tacoma, Washington the next morning.  My sis and I had a nice conversation on the way back home.  We were both so totally amazed at how everything is ordained (fated) by God.

Now I knew I would be undertaking a new journey.  I also knew that I needed to get to know the God who was trying to get my attention these last few years, so I went to the nearest Bible Store (Dightman’s) and bought the Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments.

I went on-line to look for a Bible Study and found a yearly, month by month and day by day, Scripture reading; it was exactly what I needed.  I am the type of person who performs well with structure.  I was finally reading the Bible, the book that I have known about for years, and also saddened at the same time that it took all these years for me to realize this.  I know that God has a purpose and reason for everything and I wasn’t going to question it.  This was my time and I needed to put my trust totally in the Lord and I have since, unquestionably done so..

I knew also in my heart that I needed to belong to a church but didn’t know where to begin.

I used to watch the 700 Club years ago on TV so I thought I would see if that show was still on the air.  I turned my TV on to the TBN channel.  Again GOd is amazing, they were interviewing the Apostle Lisa Taylor and I intently listened to her story.

I loved the way Lisa spoke and at the end of her story she said her church was in Tacoma, Washington.  Again, only God could have orchestrated this; another one of my prayers had been answered.  I went to Apostle Lisa’s church the following Sunday where her husband, Bishop Cordez was the pastor.

God knew that the Lion of Judah was going to be very instrumental in getting me ready to accomplish His plan.  Through my years of attending the Lion of Judah Chruch, I have encountered 4 major – painful sufferings that ended up being blessings..

The 1st one was that I broke my plateau bone (within the knee) in 15 places, which took almost a year to heal.

I opted not to have surgery so the healing took longer.  The 2nd suffering came a year later, possible lung cancer diagnosis; 3rd one was another year later and it was a spiral fracture in my right femur bone, then two years after that the 4th was the ball joint replacement in my left hip.  Through these painful breaks, I found out that I have osteoporosis, but with God’s Grace and guidance, I have learned through proper diet and all natural nutrients this disease can be reversed.

There is a blood test called c-teopeptide that is very instrumental in checking our bone density and the range for this is 40 – 465; you want to be on the low end of this range.

My first test score was 337  (very high), four months later my second test was 151.

Through my faith in the Lord and perseverance I am reversing my osteoporosis, naturally.

My second major suffering was my lung I was battling in my heart whether or not I wanted to have lung surgery.  My pet scan said that it was moderate to moderately high that I had lung cancer, and of course we can’t forget that I did smoke for 28 years.  But it had been 16 years since my last cigarette.  That really didn’t matter though because at this point I had a decision to make about the surgery and I couldn’t make it.

I have to admit I was scared and I needed something to keep me focused on God.  My heart was telling me to read His Healing Scriptures, but the Bible is a Big Book with a lot of Healing Scriptures hidden in it, I just didn’t know where to begin.

God wasn’t going to make it easy for me either, but like the old saying goes, “anything worth having, is worth working for”.  And I wanted my health back.

I went to the Bible store to see if they had a book on just Healing Scriptures and they didn’t; go figure.  They had one book that was written by F.F. Bosworth and he had some of the Healing Scriptures listed but I knew that I needed more.  So, I went on line to http//www.savedhealed and they had quite a few Scriptures.  Between the two sources, and with my intent to reference the Holy Bible, six months later I had my first draft.

I gathered a total of 127 Healing Scriptures.

I knew that my husband and family were worried and wanted me to have the surgery right away, but they were patient and respected my decision.  I now felt totally secure with my love for the Lord and His Word, that I was ready to except whatever He had planned for me.

Again, God is amazing.  There was no cancer.  It was a lung abscess and it was about the size of my little finger.  I told myself that there isn’t anything I can’t go through as long as I know God is with me.

Through all of this, God was telling me that He is the Healer Jehovah Rapha.

But for me to be healed completely, I needed to continue to read His Word so He could guide me to learn about my body and what I needed to put in it to secure His healing.

There have been 5 gracious gifts that God has allowed to enter my life to help me learn all about this wonderful Temple that He gave me.  The 1st gift is Dr. Iverson who is quiding me with my overall health through diet to heal my bones.

Remember though, there is room for error.  Yes, even with doctors, we should always research what our Dr’s are giving us and ask questions, if we have any.   Researching and comparing is something you should always do.  God wants us to be responsible for what we are putting into our Temples.  My 2nd gift is Elaine Saunders.  She is my Sound Therapist and she is such an awesome woman of God.  Elaine has shown me how to free my body of pathogens that are instrumental in suppressing our immune systems.

Oh, and with all that has happened these last few years.   I have neglected to mention that I was diagnosed at age 32 with multiple sclerosis.  God was guiding me back then also.   He gave me the strength to say no to a prescription drug that the doctors wanted me to take intravenously to help with the numbness that I have, and still have today, from the top of my waist down to the tip of my toes, every minute of my waking day.  I feel like I was shot up with novocain and that feeling has never gone away.  Again, with the Grace of God the mind can do anything; He has given me the stength to live with my numbness.

Instead of taking prescribed medicines for it, and with the guidance and constant support of my loving sister Lesle Kovac, I followed the Swank diet.  I also did accupunture for couple of years.

If I hadn’t done this, I know in my heart that I would have ended up in a wheelchair today.  My wonderful sister to this day is still by my side giving constant love and support.

Elaine has been very instrumental in helping to stablize my immune system.  She was also compelled to have me see Hans Quistorff, her Cranial Specialist.  He was my 3rd gift and by his examination and listening to my symptoms, he recommended that I go see a Dr. Phillip M. Padelford, who is my 4th gift.  He is  a chiropractor who has totally turned my world right side up, (smile).  He is diligently succeeding to help my body heal itself.  I need to go back a little bit and mention that when I was diagnosed with possible lung cancer I had a cough that went back 5 years.

The only time I coughed was when I would lay down, after I ate, and I would cough up blood at times.  The doctors said that the mass in my lung was not big enough to be causing an obstruction, or to cause coughing.  So, that was ruled out.  They then told me that I had gastric reflux disease and wanted me on medicine for it, but I refused.

Again, God is amazing.  After Dr. Padelford’s examination, he took x-rays.  He told me that I was impoding, meaning hunching over.  All I could think of was my Grandmother and how she was really hunched over.  He said that he could help me, (with the imploding as he calls it) but it could be a long process, as long as 2 years.   He also said if I wanted quicker results he knew of this Massage Therapist in Port Angeles, Washington, who could help me get quicker results.  I was curious and told my husband about it.   He of course was a little skeptical, but being the loving, supportive husband that he is, he said I was to do what my heart was telling me to do.  I can truly say from my heart that my husband is the most kind, considerate, patient man, and with his tender loving care, he has helped me get through all of this.

I saved the money and made an appointment.

I decided to take the 2 day treatment package.  I spent one night, that way I would see her for 2 hrs each day.  Joseph, my husband, took off from work and went with me.

It was amazing.   The muscles in my stomach area were so tightly bound up that on the 1st day’s 2 hr session she concentrated on softening those muscles.  This wonderful lady’s name is Terry Ann Norberg, she is gift # 5.  Terry Ann new exactly why I was couching; the tightening of my stomach muscles was pushing my diaphragm into my esophagus, causing severe acid reflux symptoms.

I was so sore for 3 weeks after the massage that it was like I had exercised and did 1000 crunches, but the end results were, that my cough was now being suppressed, because Terry Ann knew how to release the tension in the muscles causing the problem.

I have certain exercises that I have to do to keep my diaphragm stretched but how easy is that?  Again, we have to take responsibility to keep up the maintenance of out temples.

Through these 4 major painful sufferings.  I have maintained my patience and still do.  Patience has always been a blessing for me.

I am always striving to please God by following His commands and reading His Word daily to earn His atonement, in building the tolerance I need to endure any more infirmities that may come my way.

It is amazing how through GOD’S DEVINE intervention, I have the privilege of seeing my destiny unfold in front of me.  I know in my heart that I have a ways to go before my Gift of Healing is complete, but through my Faith in God’s Word, I know that I will receive it.

ROMAN’S 11-29

For the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable.  He is the giver of gifts and He doesn’t take them back, they cannot be canceled out, and healing is one of those gifts!!!

I hope you have been inspired by how God has, and still is, personally contacting me, and changing my life.  In turn I would love to hear, how God is touching your life…

Remember, it is up to us to read His Word, so we can receive His guidance to earn our Path.

If you wish to get a copy of my book, please go to 

These references are the wonderful people who are helping me achieve my healing:

  • Dr. Andrew Iverson
    Natural Family Medicine
    5609 South Lawrence Street
    Tacoma, WA 98409
    Phone: (253)-752-7377
    Email –
  • Elaine Saunders
    Sound Therapist
    Phone: (253)-884-5478
  • Hans Quistorff
    Antalgic Posture Pain Specialist
    18615 Erickson Rd KPS
    Longbranch, WA 98351
    Phone: (253)-208-1080
  • Phillip M. Padelford, D.C.
    Applied Kinesiologist
    601 39th Avenue S.W.
    Puyallup, WA 98373
    Phone: (253)-848-6626
  • Terry Ann Norberg
    Massage Therapist
    1544 Mount Pleasant Road
    Port Angeles, WA 98362 
    Phone: (360)-457-6589

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