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Before God inspired me to put pen in hand and share His Word with you, I had to study His Word beginning with the Book of Genesis and ending with the Book of Revelation. After a few years of accomplishing a routine of reading His Word and praying, I was afflicted with an infirmity; this is when God inspired me to put together a Healing Scripture Book.  He knew the only way I could get through my infirmity was to learn His Healing Scriptures.  I gathered a total of 127 Healing Scriptures for my book and read from them daily; they are such a powerful tool in strengthening my faith and what a wonderful gift from our God the healer Jehovah Rapha. I encourage you to read “My Path”, to see just how God has been and still is communicating with me.  I had to go through a few more years of trials and tribulations before finding out God’s Plan for me and I am now prepared for any other infirmity I might have to endure.

I do know that the only way to keep our faith is to try and discipline one self to pray and read God’s Word daily.  I also find myself talking to Him throughout the day.  I can’t imagine a second without my God; He is truly my best friend.  We have to be faithful to our God to be able to see His plan for us.  During my continual praying and reading, God further guided me to Leviticus and this is where He inspired me to write what you are about to read… These inspired messages are posted on my Facebook home page.  Please take the time to read them at your leisure.  Again, you will find them in succession here on my website.

God has a path for everyone to follow, we have to read His word to be able receive our Spiritual Foundation.   If you have develped your Spiritual Foundation and have a testimony to tell on how God has inspired your life, please send me your story for possible submission in my up coming sequel to “My Path”.  

– God Bless each and every one of you –


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